About Greens Team

Pinewood Studios based company providing natural set dressing for film and TV sets

Greens Team has worked closely with many directors and producers, filming all around the world, on many celebrated past and present blockbuster films and television dramas.

We have a core team of experts who we can call upon depending on the requirements of the production, which include dressers, growers and tree builders. We can also provide the appropriate plants and foliage and we can supply any plant, any size, anywhere in Europe within 3-5 working days at extremely competitive prices.

We have worked on numerous landscaping projects throughout the UK. However large or small, we take outdoor areas and turn them into glorious spaces for people to enjoy. This can involve simple designs, often smaller spaces or more complex design and construction requirements involving decorative water features, intricate drainage systems and high levels of planting.

Whatever we are required to achieve, we always work closely with each client to create a very individual design to meet specific needs and an exact fit to the client’s brief.

“We love what we do and strive to produce the best and most natural looking film sets anywhere in the world.”